Blenders, just like electric juicers vary in price and come in a host of different shapes and sizes.  However, unlike juicers that only make juice, blenders have the capability of producing a mass of different foods and drinks.  I use my blender several time a day to make salad dressings, soups, smoothies, hummus, pancakes, pasta sauce and purees.  Blenders are easy to use and easy to clean.


If you are on the fence about what blender to purchase to start your blending journey consider firstly what you will be making the most of.  If you are simply thinking of it as a machine to puree and lightly blend then consider buying one that does not cost the Earth, once again like the juicer can be found at your local department store and online.  My recommendations include Cusinart, Magimix and Nutribullet (which is small enough to take with you on journeys and on holidays). 


More costly high speed blenders that come with an extended warranty, maintenance checks and the ability to break up fibres in greens, nuts and seeds, and even heat soup, are among the most sought after blenders.  High-speed blenders will cost you several hundred pounds but the quality, longevity and ease of use is remarkable, and something definitely worth investing in.  The Vitamix, which I personally own and LOVE and couldn't live without and Blendtec are superb options. 

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