It's rare for anyone to get the chance they really crave and deserve to share their health and wellness concerns.  

As a trusted health and nutrition counsellor I create a supportive environment that will enable you

to uncover and achieve both your short and long term goals. 

Most approaches to nutrition dwell on strict guidelines that can lead to deprivation, making you feel frustrated

and confused.  Instead of restrictions I coach my clients to create realistic and healthy habits,

which in turn creates a lifestyle that is fun and free from denial and discipline. 


No one programme works for everyone.  

I will personally guide you and/or your family to find the right plan that includes making nutrition and lifestyle choices that best supports where you are in your current lives.  This personalised attention will help you to make

gradual, lifelong changes that will enable you to attain success. 

As a client of Henrys Health you will:

- become more health aware

- receive up-to-date health information

- learn more about the current food and health industry

- set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting

- discover new foods and how you can easily incorporate them 

- learn how to follow a lifestyle that is unique to you and/or your family 

- introduce and incorporate non-traditional wellness methods

- increase mood and energy levels

- understand and reduce cravings

- be motivated, inspired and supported

Uncover the simple yet effective methods to health by feeding your family well.  

Together you and your loved ones can in the comfort of your own home, through up-to-date education and proven hands on practices.  Receive individual support for each family member, and target possible concerns like food intolerances and allergies, and  picky or fussy eaters.  


Together, I will help you to understand  the basics of nutrition and how simple yet effective habits can play a huge part in

 physical,mental and social well-being of the whole family.  


Learning in a group can be a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience.  Not only do my group members learn from the programme, they predictably (and happily) learn from each other.  The enthusiasm felt within group sessions is palpable.

Group members hold one another (and themselves) accountable which promotes support and yields results.

Workshops are aimed at those who enjoy learning with others, and aimed at very specific times of a persons life, particularly during periods of change.  


Workshops include  Mother to Be (nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for you and your bump), New Mother (focuses on nourishing both you and your baby during the first stages of motherhood and infancy), Mother Nurture, with children aged  2-12 years (focuses on the many diet and social challenges of raising a healthy family),  Detox 101 (a chance to reboot and recharge with expert guidance and support) and  

Thrive (for men and women of all ages covering a wealth of health and wellness topics)


Tailored health coaching services created with you and your health needs in mind.  

 If you are an individual or family who needs immediate health and/or diet assistance or feel determined that you can learn in a shorter period of time, as a committed health counsellor I understand your needs and will commit to travel to spend time with you on a half or full day basis.  This high-energy, concentrated session allows my client to immediately

kickstart their learning and journey to health. 

Bespoke services include: health and lifestyle review and analysis, kitchen/pantry makeover, health food and organic product shopping, basic cooking skills, recipe planner and more...


A very unique and desirable service that bonds my experience and expertise to offer you tried and tested products for your individual dietary requirements and organic product shopping (for home, hygiene, cosmetics and self care). 

Allow me to analyse your needs, then recommend, order and deliver to your door products for you and/or your family.  Recommended products include local and seasonal food products (within your specific area) alternatives to over the counter medicines, 100% organic skin care, toiletries and make up, home cleaning products. and more. 

I am not endorsed to promote any particular product, I do so based on my own family's personal use

and efficacy of each item.   

Wouldn't healthy eating be a whole lot easier if someone would clean out your cupboards and fridge, and help you to re-stock your shelves and pantry with nutritious choices.  To learn what foods are optimal for you and/or your family's needs and dietary requirements, likes and dislikes, you can book a home appointment for me to visit and work with you. 

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