Child Friendly

I have had the most amazing success with telling stories and using kid friendly books and tools with my own family at meal and snack times, so much so that I now highly recommend a number of them to my friends and clients.   Providing your child with the autonomy they need, by allowing them to help choose foods and take part in meal preparations is key to getting your child involved and interested in health and nutrition.  Remember, your enthusiasm and support goes a long way to helping your child make their own eventual food choices (even when you are not around).  


Small children love to tote around their snack or lunch box (my youngest even use theirs at home :-)  Let them choose among healthy choices what will go into their box, choose local and seasonal fruits and vegetables where possible, homemade items (that your family can help you make) and different options of sandwiches, muffins and yoghurts etc to prevent boredom.



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