The Boys  

Having grown up with a mother who is eager to keep them healthy, my three sons are finding their own paths to wellness.  Like any children of their age, they struggle, especially with food choices in social settings, and so there is certainly a lot of give and take, but as they develop, I see them making choices based on understanding and awareness.  Sahm at 7 is now confident to make healthy choices alone and Jul at 12 doesn't feel at all pressured by others when it comes to food options.  On the contrary he is known among his peers for his healthy eating :-)  We wanted our Henrys Health online forum to be a place where other mothers with their children could come and watch our journey (and our chaos ;-).  Jul thought it would be beneficial to provide a place also where he could reach out to other kids and speak about his own challenges and show his progress.  When I asked him what this would mean to him, he said "I just think it would be cool to see others encouraged and motivated about health, a subject that maybe they think is boring, I would like to show them that's it not". 

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