My Philosophy 

It is because of what my first son went through, what we went through as a family, that I continued with my studies and became relentless in my pursuit of knowledge, thus learning more about health and nutrition and how to achieve and maintain it, and began to purposefully steer my family towards an optimal lifestyle.  I think I realised at this point that for me, the challenges I faced within my own family could effectively help the lives of others.  I began to see that certain nutritional principles could offer other mothers and their families the best opportunity to achieve health, and not as a means to heal only, but as a preventative for a better way of life.  

As a practising health counsellor, I have become even more determined to set an example that others can see. Nowadays, sadly, most health and nutrition advice is out-dated and-or misleading and lacks a clear foundation on the many aspects that are imperative to achieving lasting results.  As I have personally experienced and seen in the homes of my many clients, health success is never the result of pure chance, it is with a driven purpose and sincere effort that accomplishments are made.  

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