The blend of fruits and veggies, nut, seeds and spices, mixed in with non-dairy milks, coconut water or water produce one of the most satisfying, nutritionally dense drinks to offer your family.  You and your family's personal smoothie choices will be different so do try out a variety of blends.  

One of the best attributes a smoothie has is being able to add in a concoction of otherwise unused mixtures that your children wouldn't normally try.  The added advantages of smoothies are, they are fantastically quick to make, they can pack a high-protein, fibre and calories  punch, and are the ideal go-to snack between meals. 

Filling - Power Packed - Easy to Make - Wholesome Goodness

Frozen Berry Smoothie

The frozen berry smoothie is an excellent choice for warm days although I love drinking this particular one after working out.  If your family are new to drinking smoothies this sweet mixture is generally happily received.  Choose a blend of seasonal berries. preferred non dairy milk and your choice of seeds (my go to are pumpkin and hemp)

Ingredients - For 2

2 ripe bananas, handful of frozen berries, 400ml non-dairy milk, tablespoon of seeds. 

How to make - In an electric high-speed blender

Blend all ingredients until smooth (and pour through siv for required texture), drink and enjoy!

Chocolate Infused Smoothie

Favourite among children and lovely to share among friends, with the inclusion of cacao powder, this smoothie is a real crowd pleaser.  Cocoa full of anti-oxidants although bitter tasting is made sweet by adding medjool dates (these are a big, juicy variety now founds in supermarkets. 

Ingredients - For 2

2 ripe bananas, 4 medjool dates, 400ml non-dairy milk, 1 inch pure vanilla pod, tablespoon of seeds (hemp goes particularly well in this).

How to make - In an electric high-speed blender

Blend all ingredients until smooth (for this smoothie, you will need to siv due to remnants from vanilla pod and dates), drink and enjoy!

Mango + Coconut Smoothie

For many of you, perhaps adding coconut water or milk may not be considered.  The coconut is a powerful food bringing us mounds of goodness within its little shell.  This recipe (favoured mostly in the Summer contains both coconut milk and water). 

Ingredients - For 2

2 ripe bananas, 2 handfuls of fresh mango, 100ml organic coconut water, 300ml organic coconut milk (buy in cans from a supermarket or health food store).

How to make - In an electric high-speed blender

Blend all ingredients until smooth (you will not need to siv), drink + enjoy!

The Green Smoothie

The Green Smoothie, inspired by Dr Brooke Goldner is our family's go to smoothie.  This smoothie full of greens with added omega 3 (flaxseed OR chia) has the ability to nourish, heal and renew the body's cells.  

Ingredients - For 2

4 handfuls of greens (spinach OR kale OR collard greens OR a combination of all), 1 ripe banana, 1 tablespoon whole flaxseed OR chia seeds, 1 handful of frozen berries OR fruit of your choice, 100ml of non-dairy milk (more if desired).

How to make - In an electric high-speed blender 

Blend all ingredients until smooth (30 - 45 secs at least) (you will not need to siv), drink + enjoy!

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